Crepes and Coffee at Crepe Amélie

Waking up early- especially on a weekend- is one of my least liked things to do, but I particularly enjoyed one Saturday morning with my girls that we spent chatting over crepes and coffee at Crepe Amélie.

I can’t really say no to a place that serves breakfast all day every dang day.

This place has cozy interiors with cure décor. Kapag may kasama ka na pasaway, hampasin mo nung hammer-looking thing. Haha! It’s quite accessible too. It’s just in A Venue Mall, along Makati Avenue. It’s near the supermarket, so don’t get sidetracked by the CBTL in front of the mall.

They have savory crepes, dessert crepes, sandwiches, pasta, Greek yogurt, different kinds of coffee, and milkshakes. You can check out the menu and prices here.

Photo by Ruth Grace Perez

Not really sure if they make latte art apart from hearts. :p

I had a Caramel Latte, Mango and Strawberry Yogurt and Shrimp Mornay (with sautéed shrimps, cheese and asparagus) crepe when I was with the girls.

I didn’t expect that I’d be full from what I ordered that I didn’t get to try a dessert crepe anymore.


But because I liked their crepe so much (better than Cafe Breton’s) and I found the place conducive for a nice chat with friends or hanging out alone, I went back one Sunday evening.


I spent a solid minute deciding whether to get a traditional dessert crepe or a crepe cake. The Dulce De Leche and Strawberry Fields both look divine!

I decided to get my all-time favorite crepe though- Crepe Suzette (fresh orange juice, orange zest, and gand marnier) with Vanilla Ice Cream! And I paired it with an Espresso Latte. Mmmmm hmmm! Perfect combo!

There’s a bazaar with live entertainment in the A Venue parking lot (across the creperie) so it won’t be the ideal place if you plan to spend some quiet time there. Kain ka na lang. 😀


Crepe Amélie
M/T/W/Th/S – 7am – 11pm
F/Sat- 7am – 1am
GF A Venue Mall,
Makati Avenue
02 7509946, 02 7509948


4 thoughts on “Crepes and Coffee at Crepe Amélie

  1. Monching Weller July 13, 2016 / 3:39 am

    Hmm….since that’s in A. Venue Mall, I might as well ask (if it’s fine). Nandiyan pa ba yung bamm na German sausage / doner kabab restaurant, or nagsara na? :O


  2. supermaninshorts July 13, 2016 / 6:10 am

    warm crepe with ice cream… sounds right!


  3. supermaninshorts July 28, 2016 / 12:56 pm

    hahahaha #titasofmanila


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