Weekend in La Union (Part 1)

This trip happened 3months ago. Only blogging about this now because I’ve been lazy plus the prime time to go to La Union (LU/Elyu) is during this rainy season anyway. That is if you plan to surf.

I got used to staying in LU for 4-5 days, that our 2-day vacay was definitely bitin. I had fun nonetheless. 🙂

First order of business was to see Tangadan Falls. Click this to see my very first time to get into this kind of adventure!

We were famished when we got to San Juan that we didn’t bother checking out our rooms in Sebay first. We headed to the Seanymph Café for a superlate lunch.


Thank you Randy for recommending this gem! Mura na ang chibog, ang sarap pa! Kahit ang layo ng itsura at lasa noong ibang dishes sa kung ano ang nasa isip ko, masarap pa rin! Hehe! We liked this place so much that we went back here the following day for another late lunch. 🙂


Some of the dishes we had were stir fried pork, broccoli salad with tausi, Greek salad, gambas (na masabaw at hindi maanghang pero panalo sa lasa), and the pinaka-panalong dish… grilled tuna with mango salsa. All of us had grilled tuna on day 2 kasi lahat kami nainggit kay Randy noong day 1. :p


After lunch, we went to Sebay- our home for the weekend- to rest and be really close friends with the aircon. Remember how hot it was in Manila last Summer? Multiply it by 3 in La Union.


We left our cool cozy rooms in the late afternoon to lounge by the shore and catch the sunset. Here’s our happy group also known as Randy and Friends (hahaha)- Randy, Ruth, Red, Biel, Gerald, Mitch, and me. James was sleeping when this was taken and I don’t know where Joy was, but then again, her blog isn’t called JoyGoesPlaces for nothing! 😛 (Joy, nasaang place ka ng panahong ito?)


The beach… in fairness to the locals, they really make it a point to keep their beaches clean. I encourage all us tourists to do the same!

Do remember that the Urbiztondo beaches tend to be really crowded during summer, and


it’s up to you to find spots where you can still find peace and quiet in the afternoon. Glad I found this part of the beach where I was able to witness the sunset and a kid flying a kite. Note to self: bring a kite to the beach next time.


In the evening we went to Flotsam and Jetsam. It’s an artist beach hostel that has excellent ambiance. There’s live music (loved the singer’s mash-up of an Adele song and a Daft Punk hit), outdoor film showing,


delicious cocktails and delicious food. Food’s kinda pricey, but worth it– especially the pizza and the porkchops with banana blossom side dish.


My friends went back there the following day for Makai Bowls. That’s a smoothie bowl with granola and fruits and other yummy stuff. I wasn’t able to go with them because I had too much to drink and I’d rather stay in bed. :p


3 thoughts on “Weekend in La Union (Part 1)

  1. elmaica July 28, 2016 / 8:05 am

    did you surf? 🙂 you should have.


  2. supermaninshorts July 28, 2016 / 12:55 pm

    there’s a good green resto near that resort.


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