Weekend in La Union (Part 2)

Woke up early to watch some of my  friends surf and paddleboard. The line up isn’t that crowded if you get to it 6-8am.


Some of us just lounged around, exercised, buried friends in the sand,


and posed as a surfer. Literal na poser. :p


Dropped by the (arguably) most popular coffee shop in Elyu which is El Union. Only got some take out coffee because there were no available seats.


Didn’t get to ask what makes their horchata dirty.


Went to Gefseis Greek Grill for brunch which made me swear that I will not die without getting to visit and enjoy Santorini.


Gefseis doesn’t have a lot of dishes to choose from. The sandwiches and omelet were so-so. We liked their yogurt, iced coffee and lemon cake.


Some of us went back to Flotsam and Jetsam for Makai Bowls, while some of us went back to the beach and had a bottle or two of ice cold beer. Hulaan niyo kung saan ako d’yan. :p


Ended our LU weekend with a late lunch at Seanymph Café, where we all ate grilled tuna with spicy mango salsa. Mmmm… why can’t we be in the beach everyday?


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