Ang Banana Cue. Bow.

I had an intense craving for banana cue  and even if I was already running late for an appointment, I stopped by the carinderia near our building to buy one. Naman eh. Friday night ko pa gusto ng maasukal na banana cue. I got the banana cue with the most sugar. Woohoo! Solid! Yumyumyum! 👌 Excited na ako lamunin but I saw a streetkid beside me looking at my banana cue. Ang sama ng tingin nitong batang lalaki sa banana cue ko. I thought, “Ay nako. Baka humingi pa ito sa akin ha.” But he didn’t ask for it, he simply looked at the banana cue and then looked at his dirty bare feet. I wanted to buy one for him but I had no more money left. (I was planning to withdraw when I get to where my appointment was.) I opened my mouth intending to bite my snack but instead, to my tummy’s horror 😲, I asked the little boy if he wanted it and he nodded. I handed the banana cue to him and he ate it without paying attention to me anymore. I thought, “Loko itong bata na ito, nakakain lang, dinedma na ako.” Anyway, I went back to my building to wait for my Uber ride. After a few minutes, just when I was about to leave, I heard a loud voice, “MA’AM!!!!!!!!! MA’AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I turned around and saw the little boy. He ran towards me and said, “Tenk you po sa banana cue! Ang sarap sarap po!!!!!!!!!” And he smiled the biggest, sweetest smile I’ve ever seen. 😄 I was overwhelmed with surprise that he was able to find me and that he was so expressive with his thanksgiving. I smiled and said “Welcome!” and he waved goodbye and ran across the street.

I will always remember that smile. I believe that’s waaaaay sweeter than any banana cue I would ever crave for again! There really are moments that we will be made to want something so bad not for ourselves but so that we can be instruments to make the people around us feel good. 😊 💕


Pahabol thought: Actually, feeling ko mas na-bless ako kaysa sa bata ng situation na ito. I feel like I entertained an angel.