The Wicked Waffle – Loyola Heights, Katipunan

Waffles are just pancakes with abs. And The Wicked Waffle has over 30 kinds of waffle creations.


They also have other items to choose from as well like soups, salads, appetizers, Filipino breakfast favorites, Continental breakfast favorites, rice bowls, pasta, omelettes, sandwiches, and steaks. They have a pretty loaded menu and items are affordable.


Í had the Breakfast of Champions plate that has waffles, bacon, potatoes and scrambled eggs. It costs 195php.

Look and taste considered, there’s nothing special about it. Not sure why it’s even a Chef’s Recommendation. What taste would I expect from those dishes that aren’t even recommended?  The only thing I liked from this plate was the potatoes and it wasn’t even that good.


I might come back to try their Breakfast Ramen because that seems interesting, or have some Southern Fried Chicken maybe. I’m just sure I’ll skip the waffles. Wickedly ironic, isn’t it?

Their other branches are in Tagaytay, SM Manila, McKinley Hill, Better Living and Eastwood Cyber Mall.

The Wicked Waffle
329 Katipunan Ave, Loyola Heights,
Quezon City
02 4330343


De-Stressing Over Desserts

Stressed is spelled desserts backwards so I think it was just fitting that when I was on the verge of having a meltdown in the office, I told my friend Ezra that I wanted pie and pudding! So we went to the Toby’s Estate nearest us.


We shared a slice of their bestseller Calamansi Pie and an order of Sticky Toffee Pudding. The pie was, as always, perfect. A lovely mix of sweet and zesty. The sauce tasted really good but the pudding was not as sticky as I expected it to be. 


Ezra didn’t have coffee because her tastebuds is like of a child’s. She can’t tolerate anything bitter, so she doesn’t drink alcohol, too. Makes me wonder how we became friends! Hahaha! (Hi Ez, I love you kahit madalas kita binu-bully! ✌🏻️💋)


Toby’s Estate
V Corporate Center,
125 L. P. Leviste Street,
Salcedo Village, Makati City
M, T – 7am to 10pm
W, Th, Fr, Sat 7am to 12mn
Sun – 8am to 10pm

Kantori Yakitori – Aguirre Ave, BF Homes

I was hungry and it was raining and none of my Bene barkada was in BF yet for our scheduled catch up over drinks. I asked the Uber driver to stop the car at the first interesting restaurant I laid my eyes on as soon as we went past the Phase 1 Aguirre guardhouse.

And it was Kantori Yakitori.

It was the Japanese lanterns that caught my eye. I lovelovelove lanterns!

I started my meal with a Sake Bomb. I accidentally deleted the video where I slammed my hands on the table and the shot glass filled with sake fell off the chopsticks into the glass of beer.

Then I had a bowl of Miso Corny Soup that according to the description in the menu has cream and leeks, but I didn’t taste the cream, the leeks and even the miso. The corn sat at the bottom of the bowl and I only got to meet them when I was done with the soup.

The YummyMono Sampler was win though. I enjoyed everything on this plate- the shiitake topped with fish flakes, breaded tofu, bacon wrapped asparagus, quail eggs and pork belly. Sabi ng menu to share daw. Too late when I read the part of the menu that said “Sharing is Caring”.  Didn’t plan on finishing the platter by myself pero nagutom ako sa kakahintay sa kanila so naubos ko na pala. :p

What I couldn’t finish was my Coke in can so I did what any normal (?) person will do if there’s some leftover Coke. Get a shot of Jack Daniels, of course.

I wanted to try the Japanese whisky sampler by the time my friends arrived, but they decided they wanted to eat something sweet. And there’s no dessert being served in Kantori Yakitori.

I hope they serve some sweet matcha goodies soon. I’ll have it with my shots of Suntory, Hibiki 17, Nikka Miyagiko. Or maybe with a glass of highball.

Kantori Yakitori
51 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes
Parañaque City
02 3589079
Monday – closed
T, W, Th, Sun – 5pm-12mn
Fri, Sat – 5pm – 2am

We ended up going to Rue Bourbon where we had some beer, shooters and cocktails. And where they ate ribs and fries. Sweet pala ang gusto niyo ha?!!?? Liars! Pffffttt! 😛



Vina Trang – Authentic Pho and Vietnamese Coffee in San Antonio Village, Makati

I saw memes of pho puns in Pinterest like restos named Pho Shizzle and Are You Pho Real? I thought if I were to open a Vietnamese noodle soup resto here in Pinas, I’d name it #MayPhoEver. Forever wala, pero noodles meron. :p

Anyway, enough of my kakornihan! (Yeah right) One chilly Saturday afternoon that I was walking to Suzu Kin for some Nabiyaki Soba, I saw this fairly new Vietnamese resto sa may kanto and thought of satisfying my craving for some hot noodle soup here instead.

Vina Trang sells the usual Vietnamese favorites pho (pronounced as FUH), bahnmi, and iced coffee. They’re open from 9am to 11pm daily. And they have free wi-fi.

I ordered a Well Done Flank Brisket Pho (the bestseller), a traditional bahnmi, and iced coffee. I wanted the grilled fish sandwich but it wasn’t available. The leche flan wasn’t available either. I wonder if they made any Vietnamese twist to the flan.

The pho was phontastic (nyehe, last ko na ‘yan)… the beef was tender, the noodles where firm, and the soup was flavorful. The bahnmi had all its must-haves generously stuffed in the crusty baguette. The iced coffee was strong and smooth, but I wish it had more milk. :p

Vina Trang also sells coffee, noodles and condiments. I make a mean Vietnamese iced latte. Will share the steps  when I get around buying the ingredients.

I have to go back to try their spring rolls and rice meals. I also need to ask what Vina Trang means! I know that “trang” means pure or purity in Vietnamese but I’m still phocking clueless (stop na talaga ako!!!) about what “vina” translates to!

Vina Trang
8839 Sampaloc St. Cor. Estrella St.
San Antonio Village, Makati
Open daily 9am – 11pm

Beef Strips with Ampalaya and Tausi

Like any other kid, I used to loathe ampalaya. I remember telling my parents I will give them perfect grades just for them not to make me eat it anymore. Who would have thought that the bitter gourd will turn out to be my most favorite vegetable after the eggplant?

I like it boiled (the small variety… ‘yung ampalayang ligaw) with bagoong na isda with spiced vinegar as sawsawan or sautéed with egg and chicharon. And this, this is my favorite ampalaya dish. Mixed with beef and flavored with tausi.

Just prepare
2 medium ampalaya, sliced
200 grams beef strips
3 tablespoons of tausi
1 tablespoon of oyster sauce
3 cloves of garlic, minced
a small red onion, chopped
1 thumb of ginger, sliced into strips
half a cup of water


Saute the garlic and onion and when latter wilts, add beef. Cover the pan so the beef will quick quickly and be juicy. Shake the pan vigorously at least twice so the beef will be evenly cooked. Mix in the rest of the ingredients and cover the pan again and simmer for 3-5 minutes or until ampalaya is cooked.


I like this dish dry, with the liquid fully absorbed by the beef. If you like the dish saucy, just ad another half a cup of water and 1 more tablespoon of  oyster sauce. Easy on the tsausi though. The dish might be too salty if you put too much tausi. Remember, it’s salted soybeans.


This is best served with white rice. It’s also excellent paired with my other favorite ulam, using my most favorite vegetable– Braised Eggplants with Pork and Shiitake.

Braised Eggplants with Pork and Shiitake

I wanted to make Mapo Tofu, but I couldn’t find any good tofu in Cash and Carry so I made the next best thing… for me, at least. :p

This Braised Eggplants with Pork and Shiitake needs–

4 medium-sized eggplants, cut into 1 1/2 inch lenth
4 shiitake mushrooms, sliced
200 grams not-so-lean ground pork
1 red onion, chopped
5 garlic cloves minced
2 stalks of leeks, chopped
1 siling labuyo, chopped
2 tablespoons oyster sauce
1 pack of Lee Kum Kee spicy garlic sauce
half a cup of water
a few drops of sesame oil
a dash of salt


Heat the pot/skillet and sauté the garlic, onions and half of the leeks in some oil (I used canola) and when the onions and leeks wilt/garlic turn light grown, mix in the ground pork and sauté until it’s no longer pink. Leave the oil/pork fat and set sautéed pork aside.

Fry the eggplants in oil/pork fat. When it brown and soft, put the pork back and add the mushrooms, spicy garlic sauce, water, oyster sauce and a dash of salt. Mix everything and let it simmer for about 5 minutes.


Once cooked, drizzle with some sesame oil. Plate it and garnish with siling labuyo and leeks. I removed the seeds from the sili because much as I love spicy food, my tolerance isn’t Bicolana-level yet. :p

Of course this dish is best served with a big bowl of white rice. I love pairing this ulam with my other favorite ulam– Beef Amapalaya with Tausi. Check out the next entry for the recipe.


Grabe. Sobrang good job na good job ako dahil ditto sa Braised Eggplants with Pork and Shiitake. Haha. Don’t mind me. This “buhat ng sariling bangko” hirit is just an inside joke with my friends. :p

Zoo Coffee – Alphaland Makati Place


Because the panda is my favorite (or spirit?) animal, I went to this Korean café that recently opened in Alphaland Makati Place which has animals like pandas, gorillas, ex-boyfriends, tigers that you can play with. 😀


Zoo Coffee is a Korean-franchised café that has over a 100 stores in Korea. The one here in Makati is their first one here in the Philippines. They have specialty coffee, bingsu (shaved ice dessert) teas, gelato, smoothies, honeybread, waffles, frappe, waffle, honey bread, sandwiches, pasta and salads.


Loved their Ferrero Rocher Gelato and Green Tea Gelato– both rich in flavor and deliciously creamy.


Here’s me with my coffeedate. Hayop siya sa cute at animal siya sa cuddliness. Literally. :p


Zoo Coffee is a great place for solitary coffee breaks or for hanging out with friends.


G/F Alphaland Makati Place,
Ayala Avenue Extension cor. Malugay Street,
Bel-air, Makati
+63 9266308699, 02 9987608
M-F 7am-11pm
Sat 8am-10pm
Sun 10am-9pm