The Study : Idea Space – Loyola Heights, Katipunan

One thing I miss about my life as a student is going to cafes and finishing my assignments. For some reason, I couldn’t do it at home. I had to be in a quiet corner of a coffee shop or a restaurant for my mind to function. I guess that reason is katakawan. Haha. My mother also said it’s kaartehan. (Aray!)


Well, whatever. :p When I was taking my bachelor’s degree (Psychology- San beda College Alabang, 2003) my favorite tambayan was Café Francais, now Mama Lou’s. And when I was taking my master’s (Educational Psychology – University of the Philippines Diliman, 2007), my hangout of choice was Chocolate Kiss. If I were to study again, it would be in Ateneo and I would love to bring my books and my appetite here in The Study: Idea Space. The Katipunan Kids (peg ko every Saturday, hahaha) seem to love their study cubicles and food, so I tried it as well.

Dapat kapag nag-aaral, may inspiration. Kung hindi mo kasama boyfriend mo, tingin ka na lang dito.


I had the Honey Oyster Chicken Rice Bowl (180php) and Mango Slush (130php) for lunch the first time I went there. The slush was average, but the chicken was sooooo good. It’s flavorful inside-out and very tender. I also loved the rice even if it has kintsay/Chinese parsley (not my favorite herb in the world).


Hindi halata sa photo pero malaki ang serving nung chicken that’s why when I went to class, I didn’t get the free merienda anymore. (Thanks Victory Katipunan for always getting us yummy donuts!)

Gusto ko pang tumambay after class, so I went back to The Study. I had the Iced Cheesecake Latte (130php) and The Taco Pizza (280php). Good iced latte. Lasang cheesecake talaga. 🙂


The Taco Pizza was maybe a foot long. It’s delicious, but kinda hard to eat because it’s super loaded with meat sauce and toppings”. I didn’t expect it to be that big. (There goes the “That’s what she said!” comments haha)  Super sulit for 280. I did not get to finish it, but I would have if I weren’t still full from lunch.


I looked for hot sauce in their condiments/cutlery section and I saw these cool ketchup dispensers. Kahit man lang sa pagkain, matuto akong bumaril.


I was in Regis center again last Saturday for the repeat of our  Day 1 topic in VCF. I left the house early so I’d have time to have lunch before attending class. That’s how much I liked eating and hanging out here. I had the Toasted Java Mallows Frappuccino (145php) and Black Truffle Pasta (240php). I liked the java part, not the mallows part of the frappe. Ang expectation ko kasi toasted rin ‘yung mallows. Hehehe! The pasta, apart from being delicious was heavy on the tummy.


And hey! They have Pokemons! There’s Squirtel, Pikachu, orange-brown creature and sleeping blue fatty. Forgot the names! :p Sorry na, I’m not a fan, but they’re cute!


Saw some lovely little ladies lounging outside. I think they’re talking about the love life of their friend when I snapped this. Gusto ko sana umepal eh and say “Books before boys”, but who am I kidding? That wasn’t what I followed rin naman when I was in college. Well, not until the latter part! 🙂


Na-achieve ko naman ‘yung peg ko na studious Atenean, di’ba? 😀


The Study Idea Space
2nd Level, Regis Center
327 Katipunan Ave., Loyola Heights
0917 8222437


De-Stressing Over Desserts

Stressed is spelled desserts backwards so I think it was just fitting that when I was on the verge of having a meltdown in the office, I told my friend Ezra that I wanted pie and pudding! So we went to the Toby’s Estate nearest us.


We shared a slice of their bestseller Calamansi Pie and an order of Sticky Toffee Pudding. The pie was, as always, perfect. A lovely mix of sweet and zesty. The sauce tasted really good but the pudding was not as sticky as I expected it to be. 


Ezra didn’t have coffee because her tastebuds is like of a child’s. She can’t tolerate anything bitter, so she doesn’t drink alcohol, too. Makes me wonder how we became friends! Hahaha! (Hi Ez, I love you kahit madalas kita binu-bully! ✌🏻️💋)


Toby’s Estate
V Corporate Center,
125 L. P. Leviste Street,
Salcedo Village, Makati City
M, T – 7am to 10pm
W, Th, Fr, Sat 7am to 12mn
Sun – 8am to 10pm

Kuki’s Cakes and Coffee – San Antonio Village, Makati

I love desserts that use calamansi, lemon or lime, so the first thing I did when the excruciating period of house arrest ended was to go to the fairly new café in our village that sells Calamansi Cake. It’s my reward to myself for being a good girl and following all of the doctor’s orders and for not losing my sanity in those days of isolation. Plus, the cake is also highly recommended by my friend Red and I thank her for letting me know this zesty treasure exists in San Antonio Village. (Thank you, Red!)


Kuki’s Cakes and Coffee sells a slice of Calamansi Cake for 95php. Not bad for a big slice with generous calamansi cream and not-cloyingly sweet meringue. It’s good paired with a glass of Iced Coffee with Cream.

They also have Oreo Cheesecake, Dark Chocolate Cake, Dulce de Leche Cake, and Almond Caramel Cake. A slice costs between 95php-120php. Whole cakes, 890php-1,200php. I got to try the Dulce de Leche and it’s not surprising that it’s their bestseller.

They have 2 kinds of cupcakes- salted caramel and carrot, 40php each. Liked the taste, especially the frosting, but both arent as moist as I want my cuppycakes to be.


They make an awesome strawberry milkshake! Thick and ang dami pang whipped cream. Hindi rin tinipid sa strawberry syrup! :p


Loved the milkshake with the tuna sandwich. the tuna spread was very chunky. Almost kasing sarap ng gawa ng Mama ko. It also has lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and cheese.

The café has 5-6 tables inside. Smoking not allowed inside. You can’t even vape. But don’t fret! You can go right outside, and be seated at Mang Rudy’s Tuna Grill and Papaitan– my favorite glorified carinderia in our area.


And yep, Kuki is Mang Rudy’s daughter. And yep yep, there’s also a Mang Rudy’s Grill in yakal St. Sosyal, buma-branch out sila, di ba? 😀


Service is fast and friendly. They make sure that their customers are comfy while enjoying the dishes that they meticulously prepare.

Here’s the menu of Kuki’s Cakes and Coffee. Just click on the image to see the whole photo.

I was told by Mang Rudy’s wifey that they opened a branch in Makati Ave just last Monday. It’s in front of A Venue. I think she’s talking about the old spot of Chihuahua. good to know that I can get my calamansi cake fix near my house and near my office. Wooohooo!

Kuki’s Cakes and Coffee
7522 Bagtikan Street,
San Antonio, Makati City
Mobile: 09053819883
Facebook: kukiscakes
Instagram: @kukis_Cakes_coffee