That’s my current state. Well, the state that I have been in for several weeks. I have been enjoying (sometimes, just trying to enjoy) the season I am in. I have been meeting with my closest friends, going to restaurants, seeing comedy shows, listening to live music… Heck, I even got to watch midget boxing again. 😂 

Work is also a big part of why I am very occupied. Our company will be transferring to the Mall of Asia area soon and much as I hate undergoing another phase of separation anxiety, I would also just want to get it over with. I still haven’t decided if I will apply for another post. Not sure if I would like to get out of my comfort zone, even if the comfort zone sometimes doesn’t feel confortable anymore.

Mama and Daddy are still the best two people in my life. You who are this, I hope that you can say a little prayer for their health, especially Mama’s. Our family has been going through some challenges lately and I can only admire the strength and faith of my parents. I really hope that our family endures and eventually enjoy what life throws our way.

There was a time when I wanted to be busy because I wanted to escape. I did not want to deal with whatever bad thing I was feeling. Being busy used to be a magic state wherein I can forget that life was messed up.

Now I am just grateful for all these things, boring and exciting alike, because while I still do not understand the very purpose of why 2016 has been the most challenging year of my almost 35 years of existence, it has surely showed me parts of who I am that I did not know existed or are able to exist. 

Anyway, more of gratitude next time. That or a post about drinks I recently had that are named after Pinoy mythical creatures or about revisiting Forbestown in BGC. I don’t know. Can’t say I really care what the next post will be. 


Ate Dona, if you’re reading this, please send me an sms. I lost your number. I love you and I miss you.