Kenshin Izakaya- San Antonio Village, Makati

I am a huge fan of Samurai X so I just had to try this izakaya, not that it has any relevance to the popular anime apart from the name of our beloved battousai. :p It’s located at the ground floor of Linear Building, the condo near Mayapis (flood central of that side of Makati), so I suggest do not go there when it’s raining hard, because you would near a boat to and fro.


It’s slightly bigger than the izakayas I saw in Japan. Kenshin has about a dozen tables inside and two outside. You can’t drink any alcoholic beverages outside by the way. So for my fellow drinkers who vape/smoke, this might not be the place for you. Too bad they have an interesting drinklist with items infused with sake or Japanese whisky.


I got the Mix Tempura Set. It has prawn, fish and veggie tempura, a small vegetable salad, diced fruits in syrup, rice and miso soup. This costs 298php. Nothing stood out in this set, except maybe the salad with a Kewpie-like dressing.


I did, however, love their Matcha¬† Motchi Parfait. It’s 158php and has red bean paste, corn flakes, whipped cream, mocha and matcha ice cream. This made up for the disappointment I felt over the tempura set.


One thing that you might want to try when you visit Kenshin is their make-your-own takoyaki for 288php. It’s good for a small group of diners since the takoyaki tray makes 16 big pieces of takoyaki. Pwede rin ikaw lang kung bet na bet na bet mo talaga ang octopus. Tako means octopus in Nihongo, btw. ūüôā


I’d go back to try their ramen and gyoza. Didn’t notice any sashimi or sushi on the menu though.

Oh well… 5 stars for the battousai, 2.5 for the izakaya.

Kenshin Izakaya
Groud Floor, The Linear Makati, Yakal Corner Mayapis Street,
San Antonio, Makati City
+63 9175514605
+63 9498831200
Sunday- Monday : 11am – 3am


Kantori Yakitori – Aguirre Ave, BF Homes

I was hungry and it was raining and none of my Bene barkada was in BF yet for our scheduled catch up over drinks. I asked the Uber driver to stop the car at the first interesting restaurant I laid my eyes on as soon as we went past the Phase 1 Aguirre guardhouse.

And it was Kantori Yakitori.

It was the Japanese lanterns that caught my eye. I lovelovelove lanterns!

I started my meal with a Sake Bomb. I accidentally deleted the video where I slammed my hands on the table and the shot glass filled with sake fell off the chopsticks into the glass of beer.

Then I had a bowl of¬†Miso Corny Soup¬†that according to the description in the menu has cream and leeks, but I didn’t taste the cream, the leeks and even the miso.¬†The¬†corn sat at the bottom of the bowl and I¬†only got to meet them when I was done with the soup.

The YummyMono Sampler was win though. I enjoyed everything on this plate- the shiitake topped with fish flakes, breaded tofu, bacon wrapped asparagus, quail eggs and pork belly. Sabi ng menu to share daw. Too late when I read the part of the menu that said “Sharing is Caring”.¬† Didn’t plan on finishing the platter by myself pero nagutom ako sa kakahintay sa kanila so naubos ko na pala. :p

What I couldn’t finish was my Coke in can so I did what any normal (?) person will do if there’s some leftover Coke. Get a shot of Jack Daniels, of course.

I wanted to try the Japanese whisky sampler by the time my friends arrived, but they decided they wanted to eat something sweet. And there’s no dessert being served in Kantori Yakitori.

I hope they serve some sweet matcha goodies soon. I’ll have it with my shots of Suntory, Hibiki 17, Nikka Miyagiko. Or¬†maybe with a¬†glass of highball.

Kantori Yakitori
51 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes
Para√Īaque City
02 3589079
Monday – closed
T, W, Th, Sun – 5pm-12mn
Fri, Sat – 5pm – 2am

We ended up going to Rue Bourbon where we¬†had some¬†beer, shooters and cocktails. And¬†where they ate ribs and fries.¬†Sweet pala ang gusto niyo ha?!!??¬†Liars! Pffffttt! ūüėõ



Mother’s Day Dinner at Nodasho, Little Tokyo

Because her son was taken to the mall by the lola and my mother is in Bataan, Ezra and I celebrated Mother’s day by ourselves. So isang mother tsaka isang mother-to-be. Walang kokontra. May nag-prophetic greeting sa akin! Hahahaha!


It was also Ezra’s birthday a couple of days before, so I let her decide where to eat. She was craving for Japanese food so we went to Little Tokyo, which is a 15-minute walk from AIM, where we attended the Victory service first. Because you know, (wo)men couldn’t live on bread (or sushi) alone! ūüėÄ Pinagpilitan ko lang talagang mai-push ‘yan. :p


The Spicy Tuna Maki of Nodasho is 200php, just add an extra 100 for that creamy, spicy goodness placed on top.


We also had the Ebi Maki (200php), which was good, but it wasn’t satisfying because I asked for ebi tempura not maki. Alam mo ‘yung feeling na napaasa ka pero hinarap mo na rin kasi nandoon ka naman na. Buti na lang gutom na kami.


We also had Shoyu Ramen (350php), which was fantastic, except for the egg. It looked like a regular hardboiled egg, not the one marinated in soy sauce and mirin. Tip: ask for minced garlic or garlic paste and put this in your ramen. This is how they eat ramen in Japan and you will thank me for trying this out. That is if you like garlic. And please do not try this if you’re eating tantanmen or the likes.


Also had gyoza. Now the gyoza (200php) is already good with the classic rice vinegar and soy sauce dip, but I also invite you to try it with Japanese mayo. You can also mix some chili powder/flakes/oil in your mayo.


We were supposed to eat at Izakaya Kikufuji, but the line was too long. It’s true, Kikufuji has excellent food, but I think a lot of people do not know that there’s a garden area inside Little Tokyo that has restaurants offering delicious dishes too.


And also, it’s only in the garden area where they have kakigori or shaved ice dessert!!! We had some Ujikintoki (180php) or matcha kakigori with red bean. Perfect way to end the dinner. Well, sake sana pero my date doesn’t drink. :p


You can check out my old blog for entries about other Little Tokyo restaurants.

Little Tokyo, 2277 Chino Roces Avenue,
Legaspi Village, Makati City
02 4045875, 02 8402741