Xocolat – Loyola Heights, Quezon City

I asked my Facebook friends for a place near Ateneo that’s conducive for usapang masinsinan and that has good food especially desserts. Xocolat was the most mentioned choice.

I’m not that much of a chocolate fan, but I do like the saying, “A balanced diet is having chocolate in both hands!”


I can’t believe I lived in Diliman for 2 years and hung out in this area of QC for a large part of last year but it was only last August 27 that I got to try Xocolat out. I guess there is really an appointed time for everything. 😀


It was also my first time to see the enthralling-awesome-youthful Fr. Jboy Gonzales! I met him in Twitter around 3 years ago, and I’m thankful that he got to spend some time with me before he went to Davao for his new thrilling and consequential assignment .

We had pasta, cakes and chocolate drinks– stuff that you cannot not have when you are in Xocolat. We had Hot Xocolat, Aztec Xocolat (with chili!), Tablea Xocolat, Pineapple Mango Basil Mansi, Lemon Bangus Pasta, (cannot remember the pasta Fads had, I think it was Hungarian Sausage pasta), carrot cake, lemon cake, and matcha cheesecake! 

Everything was good, but I’d go back for the lemon cake and the hot chocolate made with tablea and with chili!

They do not only use chocolate in their beverages and pastries, but in their mains as well- like the Chicken ala Xocolat which is like chicken a la kiev with white chocolate and the Xocolat Pork Belly which is served with cacao-bagoong sauce.

Xocolat is a great choice for having no nonsense good food in a shabby chic setting. 🙂 I liked it so much that I went back there a couple of times by myself. Planning on bringing my South friends there soon. Well, hopefully I get to go back there to meet Father Jboy again. But who knows, the next time I meet him might already be in Davao. Ah ewan. Basta may pagkain na masarap at may masarap na chikahan! 😀

172 B. Gonzales Street,
Loyola Heights, Quezon City
02 9294186
Sunday-Monday, 7am to 11pm
(They also have branches in Greenhills and in Libis.)


The Study : Idea Space – Loyola Heights, Katipunan

One thing I miss about my life as a student is going to cafes and finishing my assignments. For some reason, I couldn’t do it at home. I had to be in a quiet corner of a coffee shop or a restaurant for my mind to function. I guess that reason is katakawan. Haha. My mother also said it’s kaartehan. (Aray!)


Well, whatever. :p When I was taking my bachelor’s degree (Psychology- San beda College Alabang, 2003) my favorite tambayan was Café Francais, now Mama Lou’s. And when I was taking my master’s (Educational Psychology – University of the Philippines Diliman, 2007), my hangout of choice was Chocolate Kiss. If I were to study again, it would be in Ateneo and I would love to bring my books and my appetite here in The Study: Idea Space. The Katipunan Kids (peg ko every Saturday, hahaha) seem to love their study cubicles and food, so I tried it as well.

Dapat kapag nag-aaral, may inspiration. Kung hindi mo kasama boyfriend mo, tingin ka na lang dito.


I had the Honey Oyster Chicken Rice Bowl (180php) and Mango Slush (130php) for lunch the first time I went there. The slush was average, but the chicken was sooooo good. It’s flavorful inside-out and very tender. I also loved the rice even if it has kintsay/Chinese parsley (not my favorite herb in the world).


Hindi halata sa photo pero malaki ang serving nung chicken that’s why when I went to class, I didn’t get the free merienda anymore. (Thanks Victory Katipunan for always getting us yummy donuts!)

Gusto ko pang tumambay after class, so I went back to The Study. I had the Iced Cheesecake Latte (130php) and The Taco Pizza (280php). Good iced latte. Lasang cheesecake talaga. 🙂


The Taco Pizza was maybe a foot long. It’s delicious, but kinda hard to eat because it’s super loaded with meat sauce and toppings”. I didn’t expect it to be that big. (There goes the “That’s what she said!” comments haha)  Super sulit for 280. I did not get to finish it, but I would have if I weren’t still full from lunch.


I looked for hot sauce in their condiments/cutlery section and I saw these cool ketchup dispensers. Kahit man lang sa pagkain, matuto akong bumaril.


I was in Regis center again last Saturday for the repeat of our  Day 1 topic in VCF. I left the house early so I’d have time to have lunch before attending class. That’s how much I liked eating and hanging out here. I had the Toasted Java Mallows Frappuccino (145php) and Black Truffle Pasta (240php). I liked the java part, not the mallows part of the frappe. Ang expectation ko kasi toasted rin ‘yung mallows. Hehehe! The pasta, apart from being delicious was heavy on the tummy.


And hey! They have Pokemons! There’s Squirtel, Pikachu, orange-brown creature and sleeping blue fatty. Forgot the names! :p Sorry na, I’m not a fan, but they’re cute!


Saw some lovely little ladies lounging outside. I think they’re talking about the love life of their friend when I snapped this. Gusto ko sana umepal eh and say “Books before boys”, but who am I kidding? That wasn’t what I followed rin naman when I was in college. Well, not until the latter part! 🙂


Na-achieve ko naman ‘yung peg ko na studious Atenean, di’ba? 😀


The Study Idea Space
2nd Level, Regis Center
327 Katipunan Ave., Loyola Heights
0917 8222437

The Wicked Waffle – Loyola Heights, Katipunan

Waffles are just pancakes with abs. And The Wicked Waffle has over 30 kinds of waffle creations.


They also have other items to choose from as well like soups, salads, appetizers, Filipino breakfast favorites, Continental breakfast favorites, rice bowls, pasta, omelettes, sandwiches, and steaks. They have a pretty loaded menu and items are affordable.


Í had the Breakfast of Champions plate that has waffles, bacon, potatoes and scrambled eggs. It costs 195php.

Look and taste considered, there’s nothing special about it. Not sure why it’s even a Chef’s Recommendation. What taste would I expect from those dishes that aren’t even recommended?  The only thing I liked from this plate was the potatoes and it wasn’t even that good.


I might come back to try their Breakfast Ramen because that seems interesting, or have some Southern Fried Chicken maybe. I’m just sure I’ll skip the waffles. Wickedly ironic, isn’t it?

Their other branches are in Tagaytay, SM Manila, McKinley Hill, Better Living and Eastwood Cyber Mall.

The Wicked Waffle
329 Katipunan Ave, Loyola Heights,
Quezon City
02 4330343

Equatorial Coffee – Loyola Heights, QC

After 2 sessions of being absent, I went back to Victory Katipunan last Saturday for the Foundations Class. I missed them even if salingkit lang ako sa kanila. Still not sure why I’m taking classes there instead of Makati. Haha! Anyway…


Because there’s a lot of free treats like peanuts, candies, chocolates and donuts in Victory, I was still full by lunchtime. So I thought I’d just have coffee and sandwich. I walked along the street beside Regis and saw Equatorial Coffee. It looked like a place that I wouldn’t have to deal with noisy hipsters, so I went inside.


Most of the customers I saw looked like students. Most likely from the schools nearby– Ateneo, Miriam and UP. May nakita nga akong mga cute eh, kaso lang I had to remind myself na I am twice their age. :p Sorry naman, medyo na-miss ko maglandi sa Katipunan eh. I used to study in UPD, fyi. 🙂 JOKE lang rin ‘yung landi. Saksakan kaya ako ng shy. And quiet. And reserved. Bwahahahaha

I was suffering from tonsillitis that day and couldn’t eat or drink anything sweet or cold, so I got me a Hot White Mocha (140php) and a Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich (180php). I would love to try their blondies and cheesecake next time. And their Ethiopia-Konga coffee. Pero parang sa pangalan pa lang, magpapalpitate na ako. 😛

The White Mocha was sakto lang. It’s not too strong and not too sweet. Parang pagmamahal lang niya sa iyo kaya kayo nag-break. Char!!!! Well, ayoko ng ganyang pagmamahal pero gusto ko ng ganyang kape because I have gastritis history and I’m not really a fan of sweet stuff. The open-faced Philly cheese steak sandwich was very delicious albeit kinda salty. Good thing there’s a side of pineapples and pickles for contrast.

Here’s their menu-

Equatorial Coffee
325 F Dela Rosa St. Loyola Heights,
Quezon City
02 3660241
Fb: equatorialcoffee
Ig: equatorialcoffeeph

Sweet Ecstasy – Katipunan

It was my first day of classes and I felt like celebrating! I’m taking Foundations classes in Victory Katipunan so I headed to the most recommended resto in Regis Center by my QC friends.


Sweet Ecstasy has a pretty straightforward menu so it’s easy to choose what to stuff your face with. Burgers? Wings? Fries? Onion Rings? Milkshakes?

I had the diner comfort food trinity- cheeseburger, fries and milkshake. I loved the cheeseburger. The patty was juicy, perfectly seasoned and made of pure beef. They used brioche buns and if you want to get rid of those carbs, you cab swap them for lettuce wraps for an additional amount. I had caramelized onions in my burger. You can the onions grilled or raw too. Cheeseburger is P195.

The Ecstacy Fries (P130) has cheese, caramelized onions and a sauce that’s like a yummier, tangier version of a thousand island dressing.

The Nutella Milkshake (P185) was thick and creamy and just perfect. Obviously made of ice cream and not mixed with crushed ice.


Sweet Ecstacy also has a branch in Jupiter near my office, but I never had the time to visit it. But will have to make time already so I can have me sone cheeseburger again. Also want to try their items, especially the Sriracha Lime Wings. Plus they have Adult Milkshakes whatever those are. Hopefully it means there’s alcohol.

Sweet Ecstasy
2F Regis Center, Katipunan Ave
Quezon City
Mobile: +639163474342
Instagram: sweetxmanila