Kenshin Izakaya- San Antonio Village, Makati

I am a huge fan of Samurai X so I just had to try this izakaya, not that it has any relevance to the popular anime apart from the name of our beloved battousai. :p It’s located at the ground floor of Linear Building, the condo near Mayapis (flood central of that side of Makati), so I suggest do not go there when it’s raining hard, because you would near a boat to and fro.


It’s slightly bigger than the izakayas I saw in Japan. Kenshin has about a dozen tables inside and two outside. You can’t drink any alcoholic beverages outside by the way. So for my fellow drinkers who vape/smoke, this might not be the place for you. Too bad they have an interesting drinklist with items infused with sake or Japanese whisky.


I got the Mix Tempura Set. It has prawn, fish and veggie tempura, a small vegetable salad, diced fruits in syrup, rice and miso soup. This costs 298php. Nothing stood out in this set, except maybe the salad with a Kewpie-like dressing.


I did, however, love their Matcha¬† Motchi Parfait. It’s 158php and has red bean paste, corn flakes, whipped cream, mocha and matcha ice cream. This made up for the disappointment I felt over the tempura set.


One thing that you might want to try when you visit Kenshin is their make-your-own takoyaki for 288php. It’s good for a small group of diners since the takoyaki tray makes 16 big pieces of takoyaki. Pwede rin ikaw lang kung bet na bet na bet mo talaga ang octopus. Tako means octopus in Nihongo, btw. ūüôā


I’d go back to try their ramen and gyoza. Didn’t notice any sashimi or sushi on the menu though.

Oh well… 5 stars for the battousai, 2.5 for the izakaya.

Kenshin Izakaya
Groud Floor, The Linear Makati, Yakal Corner Mayapis Street,
San Antonio, Makati City
+63 9175514605
+63 9498831200
Sunday- Monday : 11am – 3am


Vina Trang – Authentic Pho and Vietnamese Coffee in San Antonio Village, Makati

I saw memes of pho puns in Pinterest like restos named Pho Shizzle and Are You Pho Real? I thought if I were to¬†open¬†a Vietnamese noodle soup¬†resto¬†here in Pinas, I’d name it #MayPhoEver. Forever wala,¬†pero noodles meron. :p

Anyway, enough of my kakornihan! (Yeah right) One chilly Saturday afternoon that I was walking to Suzu Kin for some Nabiyaki Soba, I saw this fairly new Vietnamese resto sa may kanto and thought of satisfying my craving for some hot noodle soup here instead.

Vina Trang sells the usual Vietnamese favorites pho (pronounced as FUH), bahnmi, and iced coffee. They’re open from 9am to 11pm daily. And they have free wi-fi.

I ordered a Well Done Flank Brisket Pho (the bestseller), a traditional bahnmi, and iced coffee. I wanted the grilled fish sandwich but it wasn’t available. The leche flan wasn’t available either. I wonder if they made any Vietnamese twist to the flan.

The pho was phontastic (nyehe, last ko na ‘yan)… the¬†beef was tender, the noodles where firm, and the soup was flavorful. The bahnmi had all its must-haves generously stuffed in the crusty baguette. The iced coffee was strong and smooth, but I wish it had more milk. :p

Vina Trang also sells coffee, noodles and condiments. I make a mean Vietnamese iced latte. Will share the steps  when I get around buying the ingredients.

I have to go back to try their spring rolls and rice meals. I also need to ask what Vina Trang means! I know that “trang” means pure or purity in Vietnamese but I’m still phocking clueless (stop na talaga ako!!!) about what “vina” translates to!

Vina Trang
8839 Sampaloc St. Cor. Estrella St.
San Antonio Village, Makati
Open daily 9am – 11pm

Kuki’s Cakes and Coffee – San Antonio Village, Makati

I love desserts that use calamansi, lemon or lime, so the first thing I did when the excruciating period of house arrest ended was to go to the fairly new caf√© in our village that sells Calamansi Cake.¬†It’s my reward to myself for being a good girl and following all of the doctor’s orders and for not losing my sanity¬†in those¬†days of isolation. Plus, the cake is also highly recommended by my friend Red and I thank her for letting me know this zesty treasure exists in San Antonio Village. (Thank you, Red!)


Kuki’s Cakes and Coffee sells a slice of Calamansi Cake for 95php. Not bad for a big slice with generous calamansi cream and not-cloyingly sweet meringue. It’s good paired with a glass of Iced Coffee with Cream.

They also have¬†Oreo Cheesecake, Dark Chocolate Cake, Dulce de Leche Cake, and Almond Caramel Cake. A slice costs between 95php-120php. Whole cakes, 890php-1,200php. I got to try the Dulce de Leche and it’s not surprising that it’s their bestseller.

They have 2 kinds of cupcakes- salted caramel and carrot, 40php each. Liked the taste, especially the frosting, but both arent as moist as I want my cuppycakes to be.


They make an awesome strawberry milkshake! Thick and ang dami pang whipped cream. Hindi rin tinipid sa strawberry syrup! :p


Loved the milkshake with the tuna sandwich. the tuna spread was very chunky. Almost kasing sarap ng gawa ng Mama ko. It also has lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and cheese.

The caf√© has 5-6 tables inside. Smoking not allowed inside. You can’t even vape. But don’t fret! You can go right outside, and be seated at Mang Rudy’s Tuna Grill and Papaitan– my favorite glorified carinderia in our area.


And yep, Kuki is Mang Rudy’s daughter. And yep yep, there’s also a Mang Rudy’s Grill in yakal St. Sosyal, buma-branch out sila, di ba? ūüėÄ


Service is fast and friendly. They make sure that their customers are comfy while enjoying the dishes that they meticulously prepare.

Here’s the menu of Kuki’s Cakes and Coffee. Just click on the image to see the whole photo.

I was told by Mang Rudy’s wifey that they opened a branch in Makati Ave just last Monday. It’s in front of A Venue. I think she’s talking about the old spot of Chihuahua. good to know that I can get my calamansi cake fix near my house and near my office. Wooohooo!

Kuki’s Cakes and Coffee
7522 Bagtikan Street,
San Antonio, Makati City
Mobile: 09053819883
Facebook: kukiscakes
Instagram: @kukis_Cakes_coffee